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History of the brand.

In 2000, Eva and Rosa left their jobs as designers for a big fashion company in Spain, willing to do something smaller and more personal without trends on their mind. After finding a small stock of vintage frames from the 40´s, they decided to do handbags. The retro inspired pieces were made in really soft and flexible leathers, which at the time were mainly used in garments. All the bags were also hand painted by Rosa. They quickly ran out of stock but they had already laid the foundation for Erva. After a brief period selling to some small shops, they decided to make it bigger and did London Fashion Week and Paris were they reached buyers from all around the world.

Design concept.

At the roots of Ervas style is a vintage inspiration with a new approach on materials, shapes and colours. Their concept of a bag has a tactile element apart from visual. The goal is to go beyond practicality and add a pleasure component. The bag becomes a soft and light security blanket to be carried around.


Since the very beginning, premium leathers were unconventionally used in the creations. Treated as fabrics, the compositions of the bags were often like they were dresses. Lightness and subtleness are primal virtues when achieving the intricate pleating which is a permanent feature of the creations.

Wood is a main material in Erva creations. Treated with care and respect, it relate the object with nature, giving the result a living quality.
Although they explore other aspects, the frame is always present, a reminder of the very first beginning.


Rosa and Eva of Erva design